We believe in the power of a conscious
activated high frequency level of love.

Beyond dating, romance and relationships –  love has a deeper purpose and spiritual significance beyond what our minds could even conceive.

Just like everything, love has a frequency of its own... a power that we were all gifted with that allows us to connect to the higher dimensions of love, peace and harmony. On an individual and collective level. 

There has recently been a cosmic shift that has impacted us all on many different energetic levels.  The frequency of the feeling and emotion of love itself has never been this tremendously precious. 

To the degree and extent that we tap into this universal frequency of this new type of love, as an individual and as a collective will set the outcome of the intentions and miracles we intend to manifest in our lives

Let’s talk about love…

A new type of L.O.V.E

Where is the love?

Struggling with finding “The One”?

Can you relate?

  • Feeling scared or or even lost about manifesting a romantic relationship?
  • There may be things you need to change about love, but you don’t know where to start?
  • You have been on countless dates, but still feel unsatisfied
  • You keep repeating the same patterns that lead to ending your relationships
  • You have forgotten how to flirt and have fun on love dates
  • You keep attracting the same kind of person.
  • You would like to experience sacred love.

Struggling with feeling a lack of love?

Can you relate?


  • Constantly worried and in doubt?
  • Emotionally scared and scarred?
  • Physical, mental, spiritual, societal pain?
  • Feeling alone? Frustrated? Hurt?
  • Would love a change but don’t know where to start?
  • Constant feelings of F.O.M.O. ?
  • Unbalanced emotional states? Anger, sadness, fearful?
  • Communication struggles?
  • Fear of speaking up?


Join Alessandra Da Rocha & Warren Falkenstein for a series of live 1:1 personal conversations that will take you on a journey of self discovery as we unveil the hidden spiritual attributes of a “new type of love” that is available for us all to tap into… now more than ever before.

Personalized Love Activation Coaching Program.

A four week supported journey.

What you will learn to
apply in all areas of your life:

The importance of a living a
purposeful and love driven life.

Tools to attract more love in your life.

Physical healing through the power of love.

Steps to improve self love and higher connections.

Methods to differentiate between “love versus need.”

Learn to live a love driven way of life that will dramatically change your reality.

A customized game plan to achieve your goals.

Love over Fear techniques.

3 step love meditation/ activation technique.

Connecting to the source of all love

PERSONALIZED love manifestation tools.

Steps to initiate the emotion and feeling of love during times of despair.

Are you ready to… :

Activate the New Love Code!

Infuse the frequency of love into all areas of your life! 

Fall in love with the most important person in your life: YOU!

Express and experience a Sacred Love Relationship!

Initiate new beginnings in your love life with clarity and direction!

Go on conscious dates that will lead you to a sacred love relationships!

Heal past hurts that won’t let you move forward!

Implement new techniques to express love in your life!

Become a being of contagious happiness!

Meet your Dream Team

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with these two incredible coaches!

Alessandra Da Rocha

Love Coach 

Alessandra is a love coach that is dedicated to guiding both women and men to discover what is missing that is needed to manifesting real love in their lives.

Alessandra helps the conscious minded to activate Love in their life and manifest a Sacred Love Relationship.

Warren Falkenstein

Adversity Coach and Spiritual thought leader 

Warren guides conscious men and women that have experienced emotional breakdowns so that they can apply the mental tools that will help overcome unexpected adversity and therefore, live a life of Purpose Over Pain through love and harmony.


1:1 Personalized coaching program with Alessandra & Warren

90 min live video calls with Warren & Alessandra

3 bi-weekly 60 min video calls

1 followup accountability call

One-Time Investment

2 Installments
$1,999 x 2

Pay What You Can Program

Questions? Book a free call with us!

"What Would Love Say?"