Purpose Over Pain

a unique Mentoring Program that provides you with an in-depth learning experience that will have you discover various support systems that have been put in place in order to help you overcome the adversities in your life.


My Intention is to move, touch and inspire as many souls I can during my lifetime. The following  words have not only touched my heart but have encouraged me to keep going despite all the daily adversity that I deal with. Thank you for all the love. 

“I have worked with and witnessed Warren take many physical and digital stages by storm. Warren is a force of nature like I have never seen, he leaves the audience mystified through his deep rooted spiritual foundations and perspectives combined with his grounded approach to truly feeling what each audience member needs to hear that will with no doubt leave them empowered and ignited with a new sense of perspective and purpose.

Warren’s stage talks are suspenseful, inspiring, helpful and memorable, I highly recommend that you seek out Warren to speak at your next event and definitely take advantage of his workshops and coaching programs.

Warren is a leading walking and talking example and authority in overcoming adversity and truly living a life of purpose over pain.”

– Eric Edmeades
CEO of Wildfit and Business Freedom Speaking Academy

“Warren is an amazing individual. His optimism always shines bright on a dismal day. So happy to know such a radiant human that holds space for so many people selflessly.

His teachings, guidance, mentorship and content radiates from his heart, is relatable, easy to understand and apply in our lives.  Warren is a true role model and peaceful warrior of our time.”

– Dani Doucette,
Electro Pop, Singer, Songwriter,
Performing Artist.

Warren is very inspiring and truly walks the talk, he has shown us all how to gracefully overcome adversity as he does daily.

His talks are eloquent and transforming and I am grateful to call Warren a friend and example to us all”

– Karl Wolf,
Award winning songwriter and
performing artist.

 “Warren is most inspiring and positively impactful on so many lives!

Thank you Warren, for all you do!”

Deena Theodora
Singer, Songwriter,
Recording Artist, Actor & Host

“I have the honor of witnessing Warren evolve from an early age through his suffering to triumph to whom he has become today and I am blessed to watch as he continues to evolve as his message expands. His transformational Light shines brightly as he touches the hearts and souls of anyone ready to be inspired to change their lives for the better. From overcoming adversity through spirituality and mindset shifts, Warrens teachings are profound, relatable, and impactful.

I am proud to recommend as a speaker, coach, teacher and guide. Warren is a gift of inspiration to us all.

Let your Light shine Warren, the world needs you!”

Marla Maples, Actress, television personality and activist for mental, spiritual and physical wellness

“Warren is one of the most heart- centered inspirational speakers I’ve heard. He has a steadfast commitment to transmuting adversity into fulfillment and helping others do the same. If I ever think I’m having a hard day, all I need to do is think of Warren’s daily journey through pain and physical limitations. I then reach inside myself for the love of life and love of service that he models ceaselessly – and I’m uplifted.

Dr. Lucille Necas,
M.D., F.R.C.P.S.
Psychiatrist and Life Coach.

“Warren spoke at our event and was a true professional to work with.

His story moved and inspired the audience.

He was easy to work with and his attitude will leave you, your team and your audience in awe.”

Andrea Reindl
CEO, Legacy Creative, Calgary

“Warren is authentic and whole hearted, I’m inspired by his message and am excited to hear all the ideas and ways in which he is able to open minds.”

JESSGO, Artist

Warren is one of the most caring and genuine individuals I have ever met. His stories are powerful and inspiring, he is a leader in the purest form.

Lucas Steeves, Public Speaker

“Warren is one of the most unbelievable public speakers I have ever seen! He has an extremely powerful and inspirational message that he delivers. He is going to make a big impact in this world and he’s definitely someone you need to look out for in the future.

If you get an opportunity to hear him speak, make sure you see him because he will move you with his powerful words and story. I can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for Warren Falkenstein!”

Ryan Mangano

“Warren is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. He is an amazing speaker who has the capacity to get us to review our lives and see that there are so many ways we could strive more and reach higher. If you ever have a chance to see Warren speak, absolutely make the effort! You won’t regret it.”

Heather Kerr

“Warren is absolutely brilliant! With his use of humor and real life struggles-that he generously and charismatically shares-he is able to connect with his audience in an authentic manner leaving them captivated and craving more. It has been a true gift to learn from him!”

Georgia Vanderville

“Warren is a bright and shining light in this world through word and deed. Thank you Warren for making this world a better place simply by being in it and sharing your essence and wisdom with all of us.”

Kelly Barclay

“Warren is an inspiration and a spreads joy everywhere he goes. A beautiful soul that impacts the world in a loving and positive manner each day”

Mark Sarson, Toronto

“Warren wows people with his determination, transparency, gentleness, strength and the clear message we can all be unstoppable. Who better to present that message than one who has triumphed over adversity few of us can imagine. Adversity in one’s life is deeply personal and yet Warren brings forth a contagious joi de vivre lending all who find themselves in his circle of light some of his strength and perseverance to develop our own. I know because I am one who has been so touched by his brilliance.”

Rusti Lee, Author, Editor

“He’s a huge source of inspiration in my life!
The strongest person I know”

Roman Price, Founder of Selflete

“Warren is such a light in the world! I’m so thankful for his heart. He is funny, kind and genuine. I heard him speak recently and he made me laugh and cry all at once. He helped me remember that in all things your attitude is the most important! All the love for this man!”

Katarina Thornhill

“Yes Warren you are an inspiration! In addition you are a truly warm, generous, kind, thoughtful, funny human being who I feel lucky to have met – speak, laugh and dance with! I am going to love watching you blossom and share your beautiful wisdom with the world. The world is a better place with you in it!! Xo”

Stacey Sellar, Author, Happiness Coach, California

“What is there that I can’t say about this amazing soul.. Warren continues to inspire those he meets.. Knowing him has made me a better person.. Continue being the person you are and NEVER a change!!”

Mitch Krystantos, Realator, Toronto

“Warren is an angel on Earth! His coaching and support make you feel empower and strong! I love his advice and he is one of those rare leaders that is as genuine and transparent and possible can be!!! He is changing the world and I am excited to see how many other souls he will be touching and helping through his path!

Warren THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You inspire me and always make me feel so safe and loved! Thank you for the encouraging and super wise advice and words!!!!”

Joanna Mercado Peters, Public Speaker, Colorado

“Warren’s enthusiasm is infectious. As a speaker, he draws you in with suspense and then holds your attention with his passion, thoughtfulness and concrete suggestions for translating your goals into action. His delivery is fluid, engaging, and entertaining. Hearing Warren speak helped me refocus on my goals and make a plan for reaching them.”

– Joshua Freeman


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